Welcome to Ann Arbor Health Collective: A Non-Profit Organization

Ann Arbor Health Collective is a non-profit organization catering to the needs of Medical Marijuana patients in the state of Michigan. Our primary goal is to help the entire Medical Marijuana community by offering information, supplies, services and medicine to those in need.

Our services include helping you in obtaining your Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. We do this by sending you to a qualified Physician that will write you a recommendation so you can obtain your card. Once you have your Medical Marijuana Card, and to those that already have one, we offer all the services you will need moving forward.

At Ann Arbor Health Collective, we have a wide range of information and medicine and the knowledge to help determine what it is that will benefit you the most. With Ann Arbor Health Collective we eliminate the need to travel from spot to spot to obtain your Medical Marijuana needs. We look forward to serving you and providing you with everything you need to lead a better life.

Doctor Referral

If you do not have a doctor that can easily qualify you for a Medical Marijuana Card, don't worry -- we can help you. Click here to get started!

Get Approved

Cannabis treats many different types of ailments. Speak to your doctor or contact us for a referral. When others can't help, Ann Arbor Health Collective can.

Visit Us

Once you get a doctors approval, bring it with you to Ann Arbor Health Collective. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide you to the right medication for you.

Feel Better

It may take a little time after taking your medication before you start to feel better. But it will happen. We guarantee only medical grade marijuana for our patients.

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Our medicine is tested for quality and potency by Iron Labs.

Ann Arbor Health Collective is also a convenient drop-off site for testing by Iron Laboratories.