The Benefits of
Medical Marijuana

You don’t have to live with pain anymore! Wake up from the fog induced, prescription drug cycle of dependency and depression. You now have holistic alternatives to the heavy sedation of prescription drugs. Return to your family, you’re loved ones, your friends and get back into the game of life. Medical Marijuana is now available for professionals just like you who can’t afford to work while impaired and want natural remedies for their symptoms.

Don’t let pain beat you into submission. You still have a lot to offer, you can get back on top of your game. Depressed? Have you hit bottom? Are you ready to fight back and start a new, better tomorrow? Ann Arbor Health Collective is spearheading the movement for medical cannabis awareness.

Lack of Serious Side Effects: Despite the cultural and legal taboos of marijuana use, there are actually very few scientifically confirmed long-term side effects from marijuana use. A number of studies explain that unlike many prescription drugs, especially prescription pain killers, marijuana has a low potential for dependency. Even more importantly, consumption of marijuana cannot produce a fatal overdose.

Price: A CBS news editorial by Dr. Mitch Earleywine mentions that medical marijuana can be markedly cheaper to use than certain prescription drugs. This is especially pertinent to patients in chronic pain who do not have medical insurance and need to pay out of pocket to see a doctor for a basic painkiller prescription. While THC, an active ingredient of marijuana, is available as the legal, FDA approved prescription drug Marinol, medical marijuana is substantially cheaper than Marinol.

Use by Inhalation: A number of prescription drugs are available to have the same benefits as marijuana. For instance, an active ingredient of marijuana is prescribed as the drug Marinol and is used in the treatment of nausea and loss of appetite. While Marinol is effective for treatment of nausea, it is taken as a pill, which can be a challenge for patients who have problems with ingestion, whereas inhalation of marijuana smoke or vapor poses no problem. Furthermore, it takes more time for orally administered drugs to cycle through the body to relieve pain, nausea and symptoms of glaucoma compared to inhaled vapor or smoke from marijuana.