Our program for
Medical Marijuana

Ann Arbor Health Collective is one of the only places in the state that offers a "Full Service Program" in getting your State of Michigan Medical Marijuana Card. From the first step to the last step Ann Arbor Health Collective puts the patients needs first. So make the call or come in today to see why Ann Arbor Health Collective can make a difference in your life.

The Program

Ann Arbor Health Collective review your medical needs and conditions to make sure you have a qualifying condition for a Medical Marijuana Card. Many times, a patient has a qualifying condition that is actually a side effect of something else that allows them to qualify.

Ann Arbor Health Collective can provide you with one of their network of reputable Doctors that will handle your case promptly and professionally.

Once your have been seen by the doctor, you are assured that the paperwork was filled out properly and that you will be eligible for Medical Marijuana after then mandatory 22 day state waiting period.

Ann Arbor Health Collective has a full variety of services to help you after you receive your Medical Marijuana Card. We continue to provide you with information about Medical Marijuana but it does not stop there. We can assist you with all of your medicinal needs. Ann Arbor Health Collective also offers Medical Marijuana, and Medical Marijuana edibles, lotions, creams, butter, tinctures, balms, shampoos and much more.