Disease, Symptons and Benefits of
Medical Marijuana

There are many diseases that Medical Marijuana can help you with. Unfortunately not all of these diseases and symptoms are covered as of yet in the State of Michigan. This is why, no matter your illness or symptoms, you should talk to Ann Arbor Health Collective. Directly related side effects could qualify you for a Medical Marijuana Card.

Please go over the list below and should you have any question on whether you may qualify please call our offices to schedule an appointment to see one of our consultants.

Disease Symptoms Benefits
ADD/ADHD Excessive inattentiveness, Impulsiveness, Hyperactivity,
Constant feeling of agitation, restlessness, Extreme procrastination and disorganization, Impulsive behavior
Has a calming effect,  Improves ability to concentrate in some cases of ADD
AIDS Severe pain, Anorexia/Weight loss, Cachexia, Severe nausea Reduces neuropathic pain and muscle spasms, Improves appetite and sleep patterns,
Reduces nausea/vomiting,  Reduces stress
Asthma Wheezing, Chest tightness,  Coughing, Feeling short of breath Can help reduce symptoms by opening up bronchial tubes
Alzheimer’s Disease Memory loss that disrupts daily life, Challenges in planning or solving problems, Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work, or at leisure,  Confusion with time or place, Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships, New problems with words in speaking or writing, Misplacing things and inability to retrace steps, Changes in mood and personality Can help prevent the formation of Alzheimer’s plaques in the brain, Slows the degenerative process
Cancer Patient usually suffer no symptoms until they begin chemo/radiation therapy Stops breast cancer from spreading, Reduces tumors and kills cancer cells for brain cancer, Reduces tumors and slows cancers growth for lung cancer, See Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy
Chronic Pain Pain that does not go away as expected after an illness or injury, Pain that maybe described as shooting, burning, aching, or electrical, Discomfort, soreness, tightness, or stiffness, Fatigue and/or sleeplessness, Withdrawal from activity and increased need to rest Relieves pain and Reduces swelling
Colitis Intense pain, Tenderness in abdomen,  Depression, Rapid weight loss, Aches and pains within joints, Loss of appetite,  Fatigue, Changes in bowel movements Reduces pain and Increases appetite
Crohn’s Disease Persistent or recurring diarrhea,  Abdominal pain, tenderness and swelling, Fever, Vomiting, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Rectal bleeding, Stomach ulcers, Weight loss, Anemia, Fatigue Reduces pain, vomitting and nausea, Increases appetite, Sleeping aid thus decreasing fatigue, Helps weight gain, Fewer stools per day and fewer flare ups of less severity
Fibromyalgia Extreme and widespread pain, Chronic Headaches, Jaw pain, Fatigue, Sleep disturbance, Joint stiffness, Difficulty swallowing, Bowl and bladder abnormalities, Numbness and tingling Sleeping aid, Reduces Fatigue and Pain
Nausea Stomach pain, Dizziness, Sweating and
Reduces Nausea and Vomitting, Increases appetite, Sleeping aid
Parkinson’s Disease A tremor in one little finger, Hand tremor, Tremor in one hand, Tremor in one leg,  Tremor in one arm, Tremor in one side of the body, Involuntary head nodding,  Difficulty walking, Stooping posture,  Shuffling gait, Stammering, Difficulty talking Reduces or alleviates symptoms, Improves extreme slowness of movement and reflexes,  Improves muscle rigidity and tremor
Glaucoma Gradual vision deterioration, Peripheral vision deterioration, Dim peripheral vision, Tunnel vision, Blurred vision, Foggy vision, Sensitivity to light, Difficulty adjusting to brightness, Halos around bright lights, Mild eye pain, Nausea, Headaches Can protect the nerves from damage, Decreases the elevated IOP of patients,  Reduces nausea, Helps patients see more clearly,  Reduces pressure in eye
Migraines Severe headache (on one or both sides), Nausea, Vomiting, Weakness, Vision disturbance, Sound sensitivity, Pain over one eye Reduces severity, Relieves pain, Reduces nausea,  Increases appetite, Sleeping aid
Multiple Sclerosis Tingling/Numbness, Difficulty speaking,  Impaired vision, Painful muscle spasms, Weakness, Paralysis, Tremors, Loss of coordination/balance Control uncoordinated muscle action, Limit pain and spasticity, Relieves tremors and unsteadiness
Radiation Therapy Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Weight loss,  Loss of appetite, Weakness, Red itchy skin, Sore throat, Hair loss, Recurrent infections, Bleeding, Anemia Reduced Nausea and Vomiting, Increased appetite, Weight gain, Sleeping aid
Seizure Disorders Muscle jerking, Uncontrollable blinking,  Seizures, Uncontrollable limb shaking,  Inability to speak, Inability to move,  Visual and/or auditory hallucinations,  Sudden uncontrollable crying or laughter Less frequent seizures,  Sleeping aid, Relaxes muscles
HIV Fever, Headache, Sore throat, Swollen lymph glands, Rash, Swollen lymph nodes, Diarrhea, Weight loss, Fever,  Cough and shortness of breath Increases appetite,  Reduces pain, Sleeping aid, Helps with nausea
Anorexia Weight loss from restricting food or purging it, Amenorrhea (interruption of the menstrual cycle for at least 3 consecutive cycles), Bone loss, Extra sensitivity to cold, Bloated stomach after eating, Fine hair grows on skin for warmth, Yellowed skin, Thinning hair Increases appetite,  Improves overall mood
Arthritis Dry scalp with dandruff, Dry skin which shows whitish spots in different part of the body - Ear has no ear wax,  Fingernails that appear brittle or splitting, Ringing in ears, Stretch mark which appears after losing weight, Rectum itching, Nose constantly itching, Teeth have etch lines, Varicose veins in legs,  Being Sterile Helps with pain and inflammation, Acts as sleeping aid by reducing pain and increasing quality of sleep
Brain Injury Excessive sleepiness, Inattention,  Difficulty concentrating, Impaired memory, Faulty judgment, Depression and irritability, Emotional outbursts, Migraine headaches Decreases swelling, Helps with pain
Chemotherapy Severe nausea which can last for weeks, Dry heaves which can last for hours sometimes days, Can rupture esophagus from excessive vomiting, Severe fluid and weight loss due to lack of appetite and vomiting Increases appetite,  Reduces pain, Sleeping aid, Helps with nausea
Chronic Nausea A sick feeling that makes you want to vomit Helps reduce nausea, Increases appetite and helps keep food down
Epilepsy Convulsions, Muscle spasms, Loss of consciousness, Seizures, Strange sensations, Strange emotions, Strange behavior Reduces seizures and muscle spasms, Curbs symptoms, Prevents loss of consciousness
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Chronic abdominal pain, Discomfort,  Bloating, An alteration in bowel habits in the absence of any organic cause,  Diarrhea, Constipation, Gas, Weight loss,  Difficulty swallowing Pain relief, Curbs symptoms
Muscle Spasms Twitches, Tics, Chorea (any disorder caused by involuntary movement or spasms), Seizures, Spasms, Pain in muscles and body Can reduces muscle spasms, Relieves pain
Paraplegia Leg paralysis, Lower body paralysis,  Bladder control problems, Bladder incontinence, Fecal incontinence,  Painful muscle spasms Reduces pain, Sleeping aid,  Reduces stress and anxiety
Spinal Cord Injury/Disease Paralysis, Loss of sensation, Loss of reflex function, Loss of automatic activity, Breathing difficulty, Loss of bowel control, Loss of bladder control,  Pain, Sensitivity to stimuli, Muscle spasms, Sexual dysfunction, Loss of function Reduces muscle spasms and spasticity, Suppresses muscle jerk, Reduces pain,  Sleeping aid, Increases appetite
Sleep Disorders Irritability or sleepiness during the day,  Difficulty staying awake when sitting still, watching TV, or reading, Fall asleep or feel very tired while driving, Difficulty concentrating, Slow reactions,  Emotional outbursts, Napping daily Can regulate sleeping patterns, Sleeping aid
Hypertension Headaches, Morning headaches,  Ringing in ears, Dizziness, Confusion, Fatigue,  Shortness of breath, Convulsion, Nausea, Vomiting, Chest pains Can normalize blood pressure, Sleeping aid to reduce fatigue, Reduces nausea, Reduced vomiting, Increased appetite
Muscular Dystrophy Gait problems, Waddling gait, Falls, Difficulty standing up, Difficulty climbing stairs, Difficulty descending stairs, Firm looking muscles, Enlarged muscles,  Decreased appetite, Pain Increased appetite,  Reduces pain
Quadriplegia Loss of sensation in arms and legs,  Loss of ability to intentionally move arms, and legs, Incontinence of bladder and bowels, Impotence, Breathing difficulties, Pressure sores, Paralysis of arms,  Paralysis of legs, Urinary incontinence,  Impotence, Bowel incontinence, Painful muscle spasms Reduces pain and spasms
Tourette’s Syndrome Repeated involuntary movements,  Uncontrollable vocal sounds, Tics, Facial tics, Eye blinking, Motor Tics, Head jerking, Neck stretching, Foot stamping, Body twisting, Throat clearing, Coughing, Obsessive compulsive thoughts, Anxiety,  Depression, Abnormal sleep disturbances Sleeping aid, Helps with depression, Reduced symptoms, Reduces tics
Head Injury Blurred vision, Drowsiness, Dizziness,  Head aches Reduces pain
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Nightmares, Persistent daily thoughts,  Flashbacks, Headaches, Gastrointestinal complaints, Dizziness, Chest pain, Body aches, Sleeping problems, Emotional problems, Emotionally numb, Detachment, Trouble feeling affectionate, Startled easily, Irritability,  Aggression, Loosing interest, Feelings of intense guilt Reduces pain and Stress,  Sleeping aid, Improves quality of life